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Flicker Schedule6.13.png

July 10-21 


Camp begins with the building blocks of an intimate relationship. Expect these workshops to prepare you for a fun and successful time at SeggsCamp by igniting erotic potential. Topics like anatomy, embodiment, consent, boundaries and more!

July 24 - August 4


Next we will fan the flicker and turn erotic potential into erotic flame, exploring intimate relationships more deeply. Topics like tantra, sensation focus/pleasure mapping, core desires, intimate communication dynamics and more!

Flame schedule 6.14.png
Bonfire schedule6.13.png

August 7-18


 In our final weeks, we will get a taste of erotic exploration. Forget keeping spark alive-we're building bonfires here baby!  Topics like taboos & power exchange, BDSM and other kinks are fueling this fire!


Extra Offerings from our Staff

In addition to the workshops Seggscamp is hosting, campers can also look forward to :

  • Weekly drop in Q&A "Director on Duty" sessions - get your individual questions answered and learn directly from the incredible Seggscamp staff!

  • Regular bonus content all summer long! Direct to your inbox campers will receive 

    • Recorded intimacy practices and meditations such as playing with penises, erotic embodiment breathing

    • Journal prompts

    • ​Special lectures

Body Positive

VIP Members will get special additional swag & bonuses exclusive to our VIP campers! 

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